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Simple, Fresh & Regional 

are the basic features of our food that tastes like Algarve.

Simple because we don't like to complicate!

Based on the Mediterranean diet our menu is essentially composed of:

Soup made of seasonal vegetables or fresh fish

* Grilled meat or fish accompanied by boiled vegetables and / or salad

* Cataplanas steam cooked

Fresh and we are very strict about this!

Our daily routine starts early in the morning with a trip to the local markets, to purchase only the freshest ingedients to prepare the yummy meals that we are so proud of serve.

Regional because there is no better!

Whenever possible we give preference to local products, because they have a unique and vibrant flavor. The fish from our coastline has a "Sea" flavor  and a hard texture that makes it unique. We often say that "probably we can find similar but better is unlikely." Those who enjoy a freshly grilled mackerel or sardines knows what we mean.