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Our Story

Our family started this journey back in the early 80's, when tourism was blooming in the Algarve. The Restaurante Olhos d'Água is one of the oldest restaurants in town, and our story interweaves with the local development.

Back in the day Olhos de Água was a very small fishing village hidden between the rocky cliffs and pine trees. The narrow beach was covered with coloured traditional wooden boats, all sort of fishing gear and busy fishermen preparing their nets and crafts.

A great part of this social, natural and economic environment has gone with the progress. The village expanded and the traditional boats almost disappeared as over the summer the tourists claim the beach for them. But here and there its still possible to find some glimpses from the old days.

At the 
Restaurante Olhos d'Água we are committed to keep those memories alive. Our walls are covered with old pictures and fishing handicrafts. Our decoration and menu still not very different from the beginning. Basically because we want to preserve the original atmosphere.

Combined with the love for the genuine algarvian soul, we proudly offer a fantastic fresh food cooked according to the traditional mediterranean recipes.

We are sure that our friendly interaction with guests is the "special ingredient" that makes the "recipe" of our successful business over the years.

Our best asset is the great number of customers who became our friends and regularly return to our place. And this makes us feel really happy and fulfilled.

The Owners
Paulo & Silvia