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First there were two ...

 then came the erosion and left just one.... 

and now we only have the memory!

The Algarve coastline is characterized by the diversity of cliffs and shapes. The western coast between Lagos and Olhos de Água has lots of small beaches sheltered between the cliffs carved by erosion.

Its common along the coastline the existence of rocks at the base of the cliffs and despite the shoreline erosion they heroically resist has guardians. Sometimes the strength and persistence of waves and tides end up bringing them down.

That's what happened at the Olhos de Água Beach to two of the existing rocks, which were affectionately named "Gago Coutinho" and "Sacadura Cabral." The oldest people say that this nickname was given to the rocks by students of Coimbra University, who frequented the beach in the middle of the twentieth century. At that time these intrepid aviators were quite famous for their feat of crossing the South Atlantic in 1922 and symbolize a "perfect pair".

The rock on the right (Sacadura Cabral) despite appearing to be more robust was the first to fall in the mid-40s of the twentieth century. Is partner (Gago Coutinho) held up firmly for another 70 years or so. Unfortunately this monument of nature also didn't resist to the violence of the sea and disappeared on December 2, 2011.

Today we are left with only one (known) picture of the two stones and countless memories of the rock "Gago Coutinho", who over the years served as a model for artists photographers and painters.